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Annette Nancarrow Catalogue

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Complementing an exhibit of the artist's work at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke, VA, this exquisitely rendered book - illustrated with 46 works of art by Annette Nancarrow - is excellent as a stand-alone reference, as well.

As Rosemary Carstens notes in her foreword to this gorgeous book honoring the unique talents of artist Annette Nancarrow:  "Throughout history, the spotlight of celebrity and recognition has often shown most brightly on male artists. It has not been unusual for talented, creative women to reside at the edge of that bright light, slipping neither into the light nor into obscurity, often longing for the bold, colorful flush of belonging, respect, and acceptance that their work deserved. In the mid-1930s, an increasing percentage of American women were eager to leave behind the drabness of the depression era and the confines of stereotypical domesticity to seek more adventurous lives and many did. Annette Margolis was one of these."

Printed by Arkay Packaging, with forewords by curator David Mickenberg and art researcher and historian, Rosemary Carstens, and edited by Ruth Rugoff, this is a book to grace any art lover's home.