Online Sale Buyer Logistics

  1. TRANSPORTATION RESPONSIBILITIES. In the case of a sale of an Artwork, TMA will provide the Artist and the Buyer each other’s contact information via email. The Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs and the Artist is responsible for arranging shipment (including shipment insurance and packaging) of Artwork and collecting monies due from the Buyer.  The Artist agrees to ship Artwork within 30 days of the date of invoice. Failure to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of sale and no monies owing.
  2. FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES. Title to each of the Artworks remains with the Artist until the Artist has been paid in the full amount owing him or her for the Artworks; title then passes directly to the Buyer.
  3. BUYER DISSATISFACTION. If the buyer is dissatisfied with the item or the item arrives damaged during shipping, please contact the Taubman Museum of Art (TMA). TMA will then contact the artist and coordinate between both parties the return and refund of the sale. It is the artist’s responsibility to come to an agreement that satisfies both artist and buyer. DO NOT return products to TMA, return them directly to the artist. All shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the artist.
  4. Any questions or concerns over sales, payment, or other issues must be directed to Libba Cooper, events coordinator at, or Stacy Reece, accounting manager at