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Lisa Acciai
Lisa Acciai is a professional custom pet portrait artist in Blacksburg, VA. She paints realistic portraits of beloved pets and other animals in traditional oils as well as charcoal from photos. Her mission is to honor the joy and love our pets and animals bring us.
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David Blanchard
David Blanchard is a past Taubman Sidewalk Show “Best In Show” winner and resides in Highland County, VA.  He conceptualizes his creations stating “ The work that gets covered by paint is what I try to have peek through the surface of a finished painting”.


Ellen Copeland
Ellen Copeland creates paintings that capture the eye with color and spatial play. Ellen uses oil paint on a large scale, and tries to paint without regard to a particular style. Her work is ever changing and emotionally charged so that each painting is one of a kind. 


Ginger Danz 
Ginger Danz is an intuitive, abstract painter from West Virginia who favors biomorphic shapes and multiple layers of collage, drawing media, and fluid acrylic paint in saturated modern colors. Her work reflects the collective human condition engaging the viewer in a here & now interaction.

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Kathleen Dautel
Trained both in metalsmithing and architecture,  Kathleen Dautel has won several architectural design awards in addition to opening her own jewelry and metalsmithing company, Spark Metal Studio, in the fall of 2009.   Each  or her designs is architecturally based and drawn from nature with a modern linear quality, laser cut stainless steel and hand finished and hand colored with epoxy resin, or 18 karat gold plated. 
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Neil Duman
Neil has been working in glass for over 40 years, creating unique one of a kind pieces. His work uses the properties of the glass.  It's ability to stop mid motion, reflect, refract and carry light. Neil has work in multiple private and corporate collections. His studio is now located in Waynesboro, VA.


Susan Egbert
Susan Egbert's father was a well-known artist and she began showing her work with him at the age of 12.  While Susan is known for mixed-media portraits and landscapes, she also enjoys working with more abstracted images and collage.  An active long-time resident of the Roanoke Valley, she is influenced by the beauty of our area.



ZL Feng
Z L Zeng uses layering of watercolor techniques to create finely detailed paintings. His subject matter is drawn from real life, images from his memory, and his creative imagination. He holds a Master of Fine Art (MFA) Degree from Radford University and a BFA degree from Shanghai Normal University in Shanghai, China.
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Lily Formato
Lily Formato is a 19 year-old oil painter, entrepreneur, and gallerist. She owns a local fine arts gallery in Wytheville, Virginia called Local Artists and Sellers, which is focused on showing the fine local art to her community and expressing the Appalachian self.
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Collette Fortin
In partnership with Berry Davis, Collette Fortin creates one-of-a -kind solid glass sculptures by hand. Individual interior parts for the sculptures are assembled and encased in molten glass while hot. All cold work is done using high speed diamond wheels.
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Nell Fredericksen
Nell Fredericksen has been fascinated with the myriad of shapes and forms that she is able to create by "moving" the metal for more than 30 years. Her jewelry creations hint of nature, beauty and meaningfulness in world around us. Color and sparkle are added through the use of fine and unique gemstones to create pieces that are sculptural yet meant to be worn daily.
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Brenda Gordon
Brenda Gordon uses oils and/or acrylics with glazes to create vibrant colors, shadows and light in her romantic realism paintings.  She has collaborated with human form sculptor Magnus Sebastian in the Dancing Light and By Land series, a vivid, high gloss contemporary original painting series, professionally framed in white.
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Maureen Hearn
Long time jewelry artist Maureen Hearn has been making copper jewelry for over 30 years. She has given her copper pieces a sophisticated look and lacquers each one to prevent tarnish. In her latest work she combines copper, silver, glass, and enamel for a colorful look.


Rod Hemming
Working in acrylics or oils, Rod Hemming depicts abstractions of landscapes
and light inspired by his travels in the USA and UK. He utilizes tools which he personally has crafted over the years to create textures which add depth to his work and spark numerous conversation which begin with exclamations of "How did you do that?"


Lori Leist
Lori Leist has lived the United States from Washington, DC to Hawaii and back to return to her love of the Southern landscape in Central Virginia.  Working out of her Bedford studio, her garden as well as she travels provide inspiration for her vibrant floral and landscape paintings which are fresh, playful embrace a contemporary use of color.  
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Diana Papazian
Diana Papazian combines her love of painting and sculpting to create wearable art from mixed metals, enamel, and gemstones. Her pieces range from modern, minimalist pieces to classic pearls with a twist. Her recent enamel works combine her love of painting and design. 
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Rejane Pratelli
Rejane Pratelli works mainly with sterling silver and is fascinated with texture and uneven organic shapes using reticulation, fusion, hammering, and roll printing. Gold, pearls, and gemstones provide color accents and contrast.  Her extensive travels and artistic, natural, cultural, architectural and human encounters are her inspiration, as are processing pain and turning human emotions into pieces of beauty.
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Steve Rowlands
Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay, Alaska, the Florida Keys, birds, fish, turtles  and whatever else catches his eye serves as the focus for the paintings of Steve Rowlands. His works capture the images of the the outdoors and his adventures with their unique color, light, and textures.


John Shoemaker
John Shoemaker is a glass artist and sole proprietor of Apothecary Architecture, a signature line of designs and sculptures inspired by antique scientific objects. Each object is hand-crafted, one piece at a time, through the transformational process of furnace glassblowing and the alchemic application of precious metals. A graduate of the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA, he currently lives and works in Asheboro, NC.


F. Brown Steele
F. Brown Steele loves the world of art and continually enjoys viewing the works of all artists.  She enjoys working in watercolors, watercolor pencil, printmaking and egg tempera, and works in different genres--still lifes, landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts and iconography.  Her art is in museum, university and private collections.
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Kay Sutherland
Kay Sutherland has been painting for 30 years and is focused on constantly growing her skills and technique as an artist at every opportunity.  Her development is inspired in the “en plein air” technique through workshops and her great collection of art books from the masters.


Leah Thompson
Leah Thompson is a best known for her impressionistic oil paintings of ballerina dancers. She also paints vivid genre paintings, landscapes, and florals specializing in creating colorful and expressive oil paintings. Her works focus on change and the fleetingness of the energy of life.


Nickolai Walko
Nickolai Walko uses masking tape not for its original intentions, but to produce high contract, intricate, and stylized works of art. He explains that in a way the tape acts as a skin, and the Xacto knife as a scalpel. Cutting the tape and pulling it up reveals the subject matter below, whether it be a lost artifact, a landscape, or actual anatomy.
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Annie Grimes Williams
Annie Grimes Williams is primarily influenced by her fascination with forms and their interior spaces, color, and her affinity for and the allure of the natural world on a very primal level. She uses traditional metalsmithing techniques in her jewelry, such as shell forming, piercing, and enameling as well as contemporary and experimental techniques to inspire women to live artfully by embracing the beauty in the small things of life.
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Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson is inspired by High Dynamic Range Photography that enables the photographer to capture and display the full range of light that can be realized by the human eye. He achieves a representation of the world we experience by taking multiple exposures of the same scene and blending the exposures with powerful software to create the final photograph, which has more light, color, detail, and realism than a traditional photo, and then edits and mats them himself.  Kyle also has his lab use a process called Dye Sublimation to put his photos in metal, which results in aluminum prints with stunning clarity and definition. 
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