John Shoemaker

"I appropriate design elements from scientific glass objects and employ traditional glassblowing techniques to create nuanced seductive forms, whether conceptual or functional. Often, works feature metallic leafs applied while the glass is molten and subject to extreme temperatures, contributing a unique variable to the surface of every piece. Through precision technique and alchemical surfaces, I align my art-making process with the scientific method."

John Shoemaker, originally from Pennsylvania, began blowing glass in 2008 while attending Tyler School of Art at Temple University. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass, John extended his education attending workshops at prestigious craft institutions such as Penland School of Crafts, Pilchuck Glass School, and Corning Museum of Glass. John's work is exhibited nationally in galleries and art festivals. John currently resides in Asheboro, North Carolina, operating his glassblowing studio.